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The Mobile Vet Nurse Christchurch Mail 6 April 2017

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The Mobile Vet Nurse Christchurch Mail 6 April 2017

Home visits less stress for you and your pet

Autumn, for all its fresh breezes and cool days, can be a very uncomfortable time of year for cats.

Their coats thicken quickly in preparation for winter, which for shaggier felines can result in a tangled mass that makes natural grooming impossible. For a healthy coat, regular help with grooming becomes essential.

Trips to the vet, sedation and anaesthetics are often stressful for both cat and owner, so it can be a big relief to discover there is an alternative that can be easily performed at home.

Vet nurse Chrissy MacPherson saw there were clear benefits to house calls six years ago while working at a clinic.

Inspired, she established The Mobile Vet Nurse and now provides many of the grooming and health services cats and dogs require, all in the comfort of the animal’s own home.

The win-win of convenience for owners and stress-free care for pets saw demand for The Mobile Vet Nurse’s services grow quickly. Then, about 12 months ago, interest simply “exploded”, Chrissy says.

“We now cater for over 1400 pet families in Christchurch. The word is definitely out about how much easier it is for pets and people,” she says.

“A cat is much more relaxed in its home environment, and because there are no anaesthetics or sedations involved when we groom cats, as soon as we finish the cat can just wander off to its bowl or go back to bed. They feel instantly settled.”

Cats need a thorough grooming every three months, which makes the turn of the season an ideal reminder, Chrissy says. “It’s just like the hairdresser but for cats – and it’s essential. Wherever there’s a knot or a clump of fur, it’s uncomfortable for the cat.

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