Five Reasons Why You Should Groom Your Cat

Over the years, we have groomed cats of all shapes and sizes, with coats in varying degrees of conditions.  As a cat owner, you may be wondering why professional cat grooming is important. After all, cats devote almost half of their day to grooming themselves!

There are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to schedule a professional cat grooming session.  These are the five most important ones:

Reason #1

Grooming keeps your cat’s coat in good condition by getting rid of dirt, dead hair, skin flakes, nasty knots and mats.

Reason #2

The grooming process (whether your cat does it, or you do) stimulates the glands at the base of the hair and spreads natural oil (sebum) over the fur. This helps to condition and waterproof the coat, and keep it healthy and shiny.

Reason #3

Regular cat grooming gives you an opportunity to check your cat for skin wounds, external parasites, and other anomalies.

Reason #4

You and your cat have quality time together to bond more.

Reason #5

By brushing your cat regularly, you help them reduce the amount of hair they ingest when grooming. This prevents the formation of hairballs.

Important Note:
If your cat over-grooms, it may be suffering from psychological stressors, boredom, or separation anxiety. In the first instance, try providing more enrichment toys, stimulation, and companionship. If this doesn’t remedy the situation, check with your vet.

Our Cat Grooming Service

We often see cats, especially medium and long-haired cats, with some form of knotting or matting in their coats. Knots and mats cause pain and discomfort to the cat, as they pull constantly on the skin underneath. This results in puss feeling pretty grumpy and short tempered.

It takes practice, and a lot of trial and error (not to mention stress for both the cat and the owner) for an owner to become skilled at removing knots and mats themselves. It is safer and less stressful for all concerned to have a professional do the job.

Our trained vet nurses never sedate or anaesthetise cats (which often happens at vet clinics). They have the correct cat grooming tools to remove knots and mats, making puss feel fabulous again! All this is done in the comfort of your own home, which also minimises the stress for you and your pet.

We recommend that you schedule professional grooming sessions approximately every 6 – 12 weeks. In between sessions, we advise you to brush long-haired cats daily, and short-haired cats a couple of times a week. Check out our DIY cat grooming tips here.