The Mobile Vet Nurse services are carried out in the comfort of your own home. This puts your pet at ease during treatments, check-ups and pampering sessions. Your pet's comfort is our biggest concern. All services include complimentary cuddles and treats.

Our services are available in Greater Christchurch and North Canterbury, including Sumner, Lyttelton, Tai Tapu, Lincoln, Rolleston, Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Loburn, and Oxford.

  Nail Trims

This is our most popular service. Older cats and dogs, or sedentary pets, may require nail trims every six - eight weeks. Regular visits can be scheduled, or we can show the client how to trim their pet’s nails themselves.

  Worm and Flea Treatment

Safe and effective treatments to easily and safely eradicate worms and fleas. Our reminder system ensures clients and their pets never have to worry about missing their treatments again.

  Pet Health Checks

Health checks are performed from nose to tail, checking pets overall condition. Includes dental check, weight check, coat condition, heart rate, dietary history, and discussion about any health issues the client is concerned about.


The Mobile Vet Nurse Pet Microchip Service is available in the comfort and safety of your own home. Microchipping in New Zealand is compulsory for all dogs, and in some areas also for cats. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice, and inserting it is no worse than the sting of an injection. Your pet will also be registered by us on the NZ Companion Animal Register. Read more...

  Palliative Care

We provide professional opinions to pet owners about their elderly or terminally ill pet’s health, comfort levels and quality of life. We help our clients make informed choices about their options. We work with veterinarians to provide in-home veterinary care for patients who require pain relief, fluid therapy, and/or medication during end-stage illnesses. All treatments are documented and transferred back to the client’s veterinarian.

  Cat Grooming

We remove knotted or matted fur from cat’s coats with clippers and the correct grooming tools. This is done without the need for sedation or anaesthetics. The goal is to make the cat feel fabulous again! Read more...

  Weight Clinics

Many companion animals we visit are classed as overweight. We help the client to understand that their pet is not ‘cuddly’ or ‘big-boned’, and that their current condition will take years off their lives. Obese animals have higher chances of being diagnosed with diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure and skin complaints. Our weight clinics provide quality advice, diet and exercise plans and motivational weigh-ins. We support the clients for a minimum of three months to get their pet down to a safe and manageable weight. This gives them a longer and healthier life.

  New Pet Advice

We provide advice to new pet owners, to enable them to provide a quality home and care for their new family members.

  Anal Gland Expression

Signs of impacted and uncomfortable sacs include dogs scooting their rear on the ground, licking their anal area or chasing their tails. Cats will often lick the fur off just under their tails. We help companion animals to express impacted anal sacs.

  Post-Operative Checks and Stitch Removal

We work with veterinarians to provide in-home post-operative checks and vet nurse care, including stitch removal. Written reports are sent to the pet’s veterinarian to detail the animal’s recovery progress.


We assist our clients with pet transportation to and from their veterinary clinic.

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