Give your families newest addition the best start with our in-home Puppy Training

When it comes to training, the early months of your puppy’s life is essential. Training from your home gives your family and puppy an extra boost on the road to success.

We are offering 1-hour sessions for only $95 with our experienced behavioural Vet Nurse Courtneay Whitt.

In the sessions we cover:

The Basics

  • Vaccinations, flea & worm control, diet, toilet training, crate training, dangerous foods, toys/entertainment, and sensible exercise


  • What it is, what the benefits are to your puppy, and how to do it

Challenging Behaviours

  • Practical ways to tackle destructive and challenging behaviours such as mouthing and jumping

Courtneay is also a huge advocate for rescue animals (all her fur babies are from shelters!), which often come with their own challenges – so she can fully guide you through how to settle your latest edition into your home and become a wonderful family pet.

Keep an eye out on our social media channels, as we will be posting weekly tips and tricks on the biggest issues on puppy training!