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Important Changes for Cat Owners in Selwyn District

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The Selwyn Council have announced that all cats in the district must be microchipped by July 2022

It’s recently been announced by the Selwyn District Council they are making microchipping of cats mandatory, with owners facing the prospect of a significant fine if they choose not to. Read the full details here.

All cats in the Selwyn District over 4-months old will legally be required to be microchipped by 1st July 2022.

To help our clients affected by the new law changes, we are offering a fantastic package!

Microchip Package*

  • We will come to your home and microchip x1 cat per household
  • Register their full details onto the NZ companion Animal Register
  • Your appointment will include a FREE Nail Trim (value $20) AND one of our famous Home Alone Cards! (value $5)

This package is usually priced at $120, but we are offering this full service for only $85 to clients from Selwyn from now until the 31st of July 2021.

If you have more than one cat that requires microchipping, additional microchips will be just $70 each.

One of the major benefits of registration is that if your pet is lost or stolen, it is three times more likely to get returned to you when found.

Microchipping only takes a few seconds. The microchip is implanted into the scruff of the neck and carried out by one of our qualified and experienced Vet Nurses.

Increase your changes of being reunited with your furry friend

Every day in New Zealand, pets go missing. The reality is that many of these animals are never reunited with their owners, simply because of lack of identification.

A microchip is a tiny but powerful tool for being reunited with your pet if they get lost, or worse stolen.

How it works

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice, and the chip is inserted under your pet’s skin by one of our experienced Vet Nurses. The process is easy and usually painless for your cat and has no side effects.

Each microchip has a unique ID number that will contain your contact details, which are registered on the NZ Companion Animal Register. The chip can be scanned at vet clinics and animal shelters to identify your pet.

The Facts

  • Your pet’s microchip will last its entire lifetime, meaning all you need to do is keep your contact details up-to-date
  • It’s proven that animals with a microchip are much more likely to be reunited quicker with their owners. After the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010, over 80% of microchipped animals were quickly reunited with their owners
  • Microchips are safe for your pet and have no side effects
  • Microchipping can be used as legal identification if your pet’s ownership is in the dispute or if it is stolen
  • Animal microchips do not include trackers or a GPS, and your details are kept completely confidential.