The Mobile Vet Nurse Testimonials have been written by some of our satisfied human clients. They consider our vet nurses to be part of their extended family. We hope these will help you choose The Mobile Vet Nurse to become part of yours.

The Mobile Vet Nurse

“I consider myself fortunate to have had Chrissy Macpherson looking after the health and wellbeing of my cat PurrJo for the past two and a half years. Chrissy’s warm, friendly manner combined with her professional knowledge of veterinary medicine and procedures make her an ideal person to offer a pet care service in private homes. Her genuine love of animals shines through in her work, as does her compassionate nature towards her human clients. My cat is fairly shy, but she sits still for Chrissy (and purrs!). Chrissy’s honesty and integrity are beyond question, and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”
Alison Franklin

Genuine Love of Animals Shines Through

“Chrissy did such an amazing job with our two cats, Mojo and Lily, today. She even recommended some good food for Lily’s teeth and good flea treatments too. Thanks again, Chrissy, you’re amazing! Definitely making it a permanent thing every 6-8 weeks.”
Kasey Amber Johnston

An Amazing Job

One of our clients had a stray cat make itself at home on their property. They had grown quite fond of it, and as they were about to move homes, they booked us in to groom the cat, and give it a pet health check. We scanned the cat and discovered it had been microchipped, so contacted the original owners via NZCAR. While our client was disappointed they could not keep the cat, everyone was happy that it was reunited with its original owners.


Stray Cat Reunited with Owners

Lennie (cat) moved towns with his owners, but soon after moving in, he ran away. Despite lengthy searches to find Lennie, it wasn’t until five years later that he returned home. This was due to him being microchipped by The Mobile Vet Nurse, and his owners being contacted via NZCAR when Lennie was taken to the vet. Lennie’s owners are very thankful that we had recommended getting Lennie microchipped.


Lennie Reunited 5 Years Later

“5 stars is simply not enough to describe how amazing Chrissy is!!! I wouldn’t have anyone else look after my babies. My dog and cat love her to bits. And the convenience & affordable cost is unbeatable. We are lucky to have her here in Christchurch.”
Atanaska O’Shannessey

5 Stars is Not Enough

The Mobile Vet Nurse

“My husband and I have only known Chrissy for a short time but when our cat became so sick I don’t know what we would done without her. Our cat was almost nineteen and we went to pieces at the thought of having to put him to sleep, however Chrissy was there all the time, and she arranged for us to have him put to sleep in our home. It was her kindness that helped us through. God Bless you, Chrissy.”
Paul and Eunice Chinnery

Kindness Helped Us Say Goodbye

“My fur babies are delighted to have Chrissy come to their home and attend to all their needs. Chrissy has a warm, compassionate manner, not only to her furry friends but to the human ones as well! Her excellent veterinary nursing skills, along with the above attributes make Chrissy the ideal person to look after all aspects of care of our pets. Thank you, Chrissy. You are unique.”
Sue Mcelroy

Unique Service Delights Fur Babies

In my role as part-time and locum veterinarian for St Albans Veterinary Practice, I have worked with Chrissy in the period from April 1997 until June 2008. Of all the nurses I have worked with over the past thirty-six years, she is definitely one of the very best. She has excellent people skills: treating clients with respect and caring concern, often going the extra mile to phone them with updates for their animals. She is also a great team person, creating a positive, affirmative atmosphere and looking for ways to assist and encourage vets and nurses. She has excellent veterinary nurse skill anticipating what vets will need and preparing ahead. She is also very alert in monitoring hospitalised animals, noting any deterioration and taking appropriate action. She takes responsibility for overall excellence in the practice and often takes initiative in improving the workflow and recommending improvements. She is a person of integrity and high moral standards. I highly recommend Chrissy for any position in a veterinary practice, but also I am sure that she will be a great asset in any fast pace business that requires a manager with excellence in customer service.
Lorna Revis BvSc

Industry Reference

“My beautiful Maine Coon male, Chilli, has been a client of Chrissy’s for at least 3 years now.

I have never owned a cat before, so have always been a bit fearful of handling a cat. And, to be faced with this big, strong male cat (who re-homed himself to me), it was 4 months before I had the courage to even pick him up. So, there are things I can’t do, involving cat care. Chrissy was recommended to me by a work colleague.

Chilli has 6 week full health checks with Chrissy, which gives me peace of mind. While I brush/comb Chilli in-between appointments, I tend to stop every time he hisses, nips and swats at me, even though he enjoys being brushed and combed. It’s very reassuring to know that Chilli’s health is kept in check on a regular basis. Chilli definitely feels better for it and he knows that he is being helped and cared for. Chrissy and Chilli have built up a good rapport. Chilli and I couldn’t possibly do without Chrissy.”



We couldn’t possibly do without Chrissy

What a Great Lady Vet Nurse Chrissy is. Her honest and professional approach with her diagnoses of our Black Female 13 year old Poodle, Tiger-lilly. Tiger had a terrible seizure. We hadn’t had her at vet for years; we just couldn’t get her into any vet’s door. Tiger just loved Chrissy. It was amazing having her come to our house and sort everything out for us. The cost of the visit was very reasonable for the time and care that Chrissy gave to our pet  (and us). Also less stress for us. We wish Chrissy every success with her mobile business.”
Peter and Carol Crofts

Less Stress for Us and our Poodle