Our Pet Microchip Service is available in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Microchipping in New Zealand is compulsory for all dogs (including puppies and imported dogs). In some ares, it is also compulsory for cats to be microchipped.

In any case, we recommend all cats and rabbits get microchipped, for ease of identification and a couple of other reasons discussed below. We register your pet microchip on your behalf with the NZ Companion Animal Register (NZCAR). This adds your ownership and pet details to the national database.

One of major benefits for registration is that if your pet is lost or stolen, it is three times more likely to get returned to you when found. As an example, after the February 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes, 85% of microchipped animals were back home within an average of 3 hours when found. This is compared to non-chipped pets, where it took a lot longer to locate the owners - only 25% were returned within a 3 day period!

Pet Microchip FAQs

How much does Microchipping cost?

$85.00 total. This includes our home visit fee, the microchip, and the NZCAR $15 registration fee.

How big is the pet microchip and what information does it store?

It is about the size of a grain or rice, and has a unique number on it that can be read by a microchip reader. The number is linked to the NZCAR database record which has your contact details on it.

What else can the pet microchip do besides link my pet to the NZCAR?

Some pet accessories, such as pet doors and feeders, use microchip technology as access keys. This makes it great to keep other animals out of your house, or ensure correct feeding of one pet in a multi-pet home.

Can I track my pet through the microchip?

The microchip does not have GPS tracking, so it is not possible to track you pet this way.

Will microchipping harm my pet?

Microchipping only takes a few seconds. The microchip is injected into the scruff of the neck, and for most pets, only stings as much as any injection or vaccination does. It doesn't harm your pet's health in any way.

Do you update the NZ Companion Animal Register (NZCAR) for me?

We add your pet's name, your contact details, and the microchip number to the NZCAR within 24 hours of microchipping your pet. However, it is up to you to keep it updated if you move, transfer ownership of your pet, or your pet passes away. You do this by emailing or phoning the NZCAR.

What do I do if my pet is lost or stolen?

Follow the advice on the NZCAR website. There are also other websites and social network groups dedicated to helping reunite pets and owners, such as TradeMe and local lost pets groups on Facebook.

Do you have any case studies of lost pets being reunited with owners through microchips?

Yes! We've shared some on this page. It is common practice for us, and for veterinary clinics, to scan new animal clients, especially if they have been adopted as strays. This is often because the new owner may not have considered or known that the animal was microchipped. Sometimes this can be weeks, months, or even years after the animal went missing. When a microchip is discovered, we are obligated to contact the owner listed on the NZCAR to see if they wish to be reunited with their pet (on some occasions they are happy for the new owner to keep the animal).

TMVN Pet Microchip Service
The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice.

Case Studies

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