Our DIY cat grooming tips will help you to keep your cat's coat in tip-top condition between professional cat grooming sessions. We recommend that you brush your long-haired cats daily, and short-haired cats a couple of times a week. Remember, grooming is beneficial to your cat's health and comfort, and keeps it looking fabulous too.

Our Tip-to-Tail DIY Cat Grooming Tips

Use these tips to make your DIY cat grooming session fun for both you and your cat.

Be Patient

The best time to get your cat used to grooming is when they are a kitten. However, if for any reason, this didn’t happen, you will need to be patient. Adult cats need to be slowly trained to view grooming as a relaxing and enjoyable activity.

Use the Right Tools

Make sure you have the right tools. These will vary slightly depending on the cat’s hair length. Different types of brushes and combs do different jobs. Keep your cat’s favourite treats handy, so you can reward them for being compliant during the process.

Make Sure You Both Feel Relaxed

You need to start with short sessions. Choose a time when you both feel relaxed, and have time to spend together. As your cat gets used to you grooming them, extend the length of the following sessions. One client’s cat voluntarily brushes herself whenever she wants her owner to groom her!

Be Gentle and Give Praise

Reassure them with lots of praise. Stop if/when your cat gets anxious or unhappy with you. Don’t make this a negative experience for either of you. You can always try again later.

Keep Clearing the Brush

Regularly remove the excess hair off the brush. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it builds up.

Start at the Top

Start with gently brushing your cat’s head and back, just as you do when you pet them. This should help the cat relax. Brush in the same direction as the fur.

Follow this by brushing down the length of each side. Next brush under the chin and down to the chest.

You can gently hold the cat against you, to brush their belly and inside of their legs. If they start to object, let them go.

End with the Tail

Leave the tail until last. Cats don't like having the base of their tail touched, so be very careful when brushing this area.

Never Use Scissors!

If you have any mats or knots to deal with, gently use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to tease them out. NEVER use scissors – even one nick to the skin will open it up like a tomato skin in hot water. If a knot is not moving, call in the experts!