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Preparing for the Chilly Weather Ahead

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Now is a really great tome to get your pet ready for a happy & healthy Winter

This time of year is perfect for preparing your pet for the changeable conditions ahead. In this months newsletter, we talk about all things prevention. Annual health checks and ensuring your cat has a professional groom is important this time of year, as they will ensure any issues are tackled before the cold weather sets in. Meaning a much healthier, happy winter for all!

Benefit of a good groom

Regular, professional cat grooms are proven to increase your cat’s health and wellbeing.

It’s a well-known fact that cats do a pretty good job of keeping themselves clean and well-groomed. However, all cats need a bit of extra help making sure their coats are in the best condition possible, in-particular medium to long-haired breeds.

A cat groom is central to their health and wellbeing, not just their appearance. An untended coat can become long, matted and uncomfortable for your pet. Grooming also helps rid the coat of shed hair and dead skin, meaning your cat is less likely to get yucky furballs stuck in its throat!

A professional cat groom will help to:

  • Reduce heat stress or overheating
  • Prevent the risk parasites that are easier to find when the coat is shorter
  • Notice any lumps, bumps or scratches
  • Reduce irritation to the skin and paws
  • Get rid of painful mats and knots
  • Remove foreign objects like grass-seeds which have serious health implications for your cat

Remember to never use scissors to remove knots from your cat’s coat, no matter how tempting! A cat’s skin is extremely delicate and very easily torn by scissors, and will require an unwanted trip to the vet to get stitches!

Oden get’s a groom!

Annual Health Checks

The best way to keep your pet health over winter is with an annual Health Check

Health screening is not just good for people!

Our doctors are always encouraging us to get down to the clinic every couple of years for a general check on our health, and our pets shouldn’t be any different.

Pets age around several years faster than we do, meaning that a check-up once a year is the equivalent of us getting a check-up once every seven years.

Regular wellness check-ups allow us to detect, treat and most importantly prevent problems before they become an issue of worse life-threatening.

Prevention is the best cure, and a health check will ensure early detection of signs of illness and easier to treat.

During our examinations we check:

  •  Your pet’s body condition looking for any lumps and bumps
  •  The skin and fur, eyes and ears
  • A good look at any potential dental issues and general oral health
  • An overall examination of your pet by feeling around the body, limbs and tail for any potential issues
  • Weigh your pet and offer tailored advice on how to improve their nutrition and on weight-loss

Chrissy gives Oden a Health Check