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These Foods are Dangerous to Cats and Dogs

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We know it’s tempting to share all the joys of Christmas with your cats and dogs. However, there are many foods, plants and other items that are poisonous or harmful to your pets.

Human foods, drinks, medications and supplements are not suitable for animals to consume. Pets can get tempted to play with, or explore the decorations and presents on or under your Christmas Tree and around your house. This could have adverse, or even life threatening results.

Keep your pets safe from harm by downloading, printing out and following our handy guide. Hang it on the fridge, and also share it with your family, friends and visitors to your home. Your pets will thank you for it!

If an emergency does happen, don’t hesitate. Call or take your pet immediately to your veterinary clinic or After Hours Vet for help.

Download this handy guide by right clicking on the image and selecting ‘Save Image As’ from the dropdown menu. Then save to your computer, open up the file, and print the guide out.